Mr. Jafar Danesi

Career and Leadership Skills Development

Mr. Danesi obtained his Masters of Science (M.Sc.) and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degrees in sociology from the University of Lagos in Nigeria. Mr. Danesi also attended several professional training in: Career Development Services in Kansas State University, United States; Training facilitation conducted by DFID; Gender Equality Mainstreaming conducted by the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, Italy; Managing Projects in Controlled Environment (PINCE2) conducted by Office of Government Commerce and APM Group, UK; Advancing Resource Mobilization and Delivering for Africa (ARMADA) by UNDP/RBA in Bonn Germany.

Before joining Policy Research, Mr. Danesi worked as a Senior Technical Manager responsible for incorporating corporate planning and mainstreaming gender and social inclusion in Lagos State public service management reforms with the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID)’s States Partnership for Accountability Responsiveness and Capabilities (SPARC); and as a Career development Advisor with University of Lagos-USAID-Kansas State University Partnership Project to strengthen business education and information Communication Competency in Nigeria.

Danesi served as a member of Board of Directors of Participatory Development (PD) Forum, Canada from 2006 to 2008; He is a member of African Community of Practice on Managing for development Result; International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, International Society for Third Sector Research; StopTB Global Partnership; volunteer Key Correspondent with Health and Development Network; and the United Nations Volunteers and a member of Participatory Development Forum etc.

Danesi has been at the forefront of experts working to make public services more effective and sustainable in Nigeria. He is currently facilitating the formation of the Nigeria chapter of the Community of Practice on Managing for Development Result, to build incorporate result culture in public services planning, budgeting and management in Nigeria. Also, Danesi is currently coordinating the formation of Men and Women Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Nigeria that is working to eradicate gender based discrimination and to bring about positive social change in the human rights circumstances women and children who are victims of sexual and domestic violence in Nigeria.

Danesi has been participating in post 2015 civil society consultation and planning meetings both at national and regional levels. He is involved in the online discussion on various post 2015 thematic issues. He has also attended several Post-2015 planning meetings in Nigeria, Indonesia and also contributed to various civil societies online consultation on various thematic issues including inequalities, migration, Environment, and the Green Economy.

Danesi has a good grasp of the relationship between poverty, gender relation in patriarchal societies, social exclusion and development issues and strategic implementation of development interventions in an Africa context both at community and policy levels.

Research, Advocacy & Workshops

Research, Advocacy & Workshops on (SDGs) 4 - Quality Education, 5 -Gender Equality, 16 - Peace and Justice through participatory community activism, & 17 - Partnership Building.