Interfaith Dialogue

WORLD INTERFAITH ALLIANCE (W.I.A) is an alliance of religious communities working together to foster interfaith cooperation & build bridges amongst the various world religions. Our mission for this interfaith project is to celebrate our human diversity by promoting unity and nurturing each others’ human capacity as one family, under God’s love for a more sustainable, […]

Community Outreach / Service Learning

KING DAVID MINISTRIES  King David Ministries is a project of Institute for Peace and Leadership, Inc. It is an outreach ministry working in close relationship with pastors, ministers, clergy, development experts, community organizers, business men and women, law enforcement, and Peace Builders. We meet regularly to discuss some of the pressing issues facing our communities […]

Leadership Skills Development

Institute for Peace and Leadership, Inc. Career and Leadership Skills Development is set to equip school graduates both Secondary and University, with essential employable skills and networking for achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development. Institute for Peace and Leadership, Inc. supports graduates with educational, business, and life skills. As part of our core program of […]

Research and Documentation

Institute for Peace and Leadership, Inc. conducts research in the various areas of the SDGs. We offer seminars and hands – on workshops to deepen knowledge and advance understanding of selected social problems that are root causes of peaceful co-existence and sustainable human security and community wellness in collaboration with policy makers and other stakeholders. […]

Research, Advocacy & Workshops

Research, Advocacy & Workshops on (SDGs) 4 - Quality Education, 5 -Gender Equality, 16 - Peace and Justice through participatory community activism, & 17 - Partnership Building.