Interfaith Dialogue

WORLD INTERFAITH ALLIANCE (W.I.A) is an alliance of religious communities working together to foster interfaith cooperation & build bridges amongst the various world religions.

Our mission for this interfaith project is to celebrate our human diversity by promoting unity and nurturing each others’ human capacity as one family, under God’s love for a more sustainable, equitable and peaceful future.

This is participatory and experiential project – to dialogue with the religious other through various activities such as small group discussions, living room interfaith dialogue, cultural and religious celebrations, cultural and religious exchanges, and appreciating and sharing in our commonalities as one family under God’s love.

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Research, Advocacy & Workshops

Research, Advocacy & Workshops on (SDGs) 4 - Quality Education, 5 -Gender Equality, 16 - Peace and Justice through participatory community activism, & 17 - Partnership Building.