Leadership Skills Development

Institute for Peace and Leadership, Inc. Career and Leadership Skills Development is set to equip school graduates both Secondary and University, with essential employable skills and networking for achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development. Institute for Peace and Leadership, Inc. supports graduates with educational, business, and life skills. As part of our core program of activities, we support, train and equip young women with professional development skills that can be useful and applicable on the job, in the community and in their personal vocation or business.

This focuses on providing graduates with:

-Increase access to relevant and quality skills training
-Career development assistance
-Labor market placements
-Self-employment skills development
-International networking
-Support for micro and small enterprises to grow and create jobs through better access to credit and business development services
-Dress for success office suits distribution
-Resume and job search assistance.
-Advocacy skills training
-Human rights education

Our leadership skills training program aims to help women and youths to better understand the challenges of sustainable development for communities all over the world, and provide them with the necessary leadership and skills training that will make them productive citizens.

Research, Advocacy & Workshops

Research, Advocacy & Workshops on (SDGs) 4 - Quality Education, 5 -Gender Equality, 16 - Peace and Justice through participatory community activism, & 17 - Partnership Building.