Our Mission

    To promote peaceful - coexistence in communities and nations. One where there is an end to violence against women, children, persons with disabilities, minority populations, disadvantaged people and groups in the United States and across the world; through citizenship and leadership skills development, cross - cultural service learning, inter-religious dialogue; effective partnership and global networking that enhances sustainable peace and development.

Our Vision

    We seek communities and nations where there is sustainable peace, cross - cultural harmony, inter-religious understanding, equitable  human development, and peaceful coexistence.    

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Board and Staff

Dr. Wale Idris Ajibade


Dr. Michael Akintayo

Vice President

Dr. Remi Alapo

Executive Director

Ms. Frances Ndika


Mrs. Adeola Osewa


Imam Muhammad Shahidullah

Communication and Public Outreach

Dr. Betty Wambui

Research and Documentation

Dr. Ralph Ogar Oko

Peace Building Initiatives

Amb. (Barr.) Phillips Obuesi

Advocacy / Legislative Development

Mr. Jafar Danesi

Career and Leadership Skills Development

Maharaj Dileepkumar Thankappan

Community Outreach / Interfaith Dialogue

Rev. Desmond and Rev (Mrs) Beryl Green

Cross Cultural Service Learning

Doghudje Doghudje

Cross-Cultural Service Learning Projects

Dr. Uchenna Ekwo

Member at Large

Rev. Desmond and Rev. (Mrs) Beryl Green

Member at Large

Nana Zakia Naomi Alston-Henderson

Mr. Bhargav Anadkat

Media and Technology


Generation X: The Role of Culture on the Leadership Styles of Women in Leadership Positions (2016)

Generation X: The Role of Culture on the Leadership Styles of Women in Leadership Positions' goal is to assist organizational leaders to view Generation X women in positions of power from a different perspective. Women leaders are capable of leading a 21st century organization because of their scope of knowledge about growing businesses, and their ability to blend and incorporate new technologies and innovations in the business environment.

Generation X: The Role of Culture on the Leadership Styles of Women in Leadership Positions is relevant to the fields of business, cultural, human relations, leadership, management, and cross-cultural leadership and women studies.

The cultural values of women in many societies are grounded in the shared experiences of symbols and norms, which are manifested in beliefs and practices. These play obviously a significant role in the leadership styles and expressions of Generation X women who are in leadership positions. This book will also assist Generation X women in positions of power in building highly effective and functioning teams in adapting to global business and environmental trends.

I Am A Leader: Understanding My Leadership Styles (2017)

NEW PUBLICATION LAUNCHED edited by Dr. Remi Alapo on March 8, 2017. I Am A Leader: Understanding My Leadership Styles. This workbook has been published based on research content from Generation X: The Role of Culture on the Leadership Styles of Women in Leadership Positions (2016), and research on Gender and Leadership. The goal is to assist those in leadership positions understand their leadership styles as applicable in different organizational and societal environments. The workbook can be customized based on the needs of each individual, group or organization. This workbook is applicable to everyone in leadership positions and gender in any cross-cultural environment.


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Research, Advocacy & Workshops

Research, Advocacy and Workshops on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5 on Gender Equality, Empowering women and Girls and SDG 16 on Peace and Justice. We do this through Interfaith Dialogue, Leadership Skills Development, Cross Cultural Service Learning and Participatory Community Activism.